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Bloodbowl 2: Human Guide

Bloodbowl 2: Human Guide


In a word, versatile. Sitting between 5th and 10th in each of my incredibly objective and useful categories, the Humans are a race comfortable adapting their gameplan to a range of opponents, and will rarely be caught off guard. They have an array of solid starting players, notably their Blitzers and Catchers, and between them and the Throwers their teams have easy access to the Agility, Passing and Strength skill trees, allowing them to develop in a number of directions. They suffer from an obvious lack of specialisation, and can often be passive in games, responding to their foes’ weaknesses rather than imposing their own will on a game, but they are excellent teams for a rookie coach, that can be developed into powerhouses with the right levels.

Running rank: 9th/16th
Passing: 5th
Bashing: 10th
Pass defence: 5th
Mobility: 7th
Toughness: 9th
Total rank: 6th


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