My name is Casey, I use they/them pronouns and love sports strategy games. From Bloodbowl to Football Manager and Madden‘s connected franchise to the app Soccer Heroes, these games unite the thrill and atmosphere of valiantly chasing a ball around a field, with the sophisticated logic that has been the backbone of every RPG from Final Fantasy to Golden Sun.

Dodge Rolls & Determination is my way of writing about these games in a way that involves you; here, we can talk about the games we love and learn new tricks and whole new games from our fellow dice-rollers and space bar-mashers. Also, I might finally find someone else to play Bloodbowl with, an endeavour I have been unsuccessful in for the last year or so.

This is very much a side project for me, however, so updates will be sporadic, and sometimes non-existent altogether. If you are interested in me or my projects, however, below is a list of places you can direct your eyeballs to peruse such works.

Yours truly
Yours truly